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I don’t mean to sound like a psychopath…but I had a really crazy dream last night, and I’m seeing the beginnings of a trend in my dreams. Let me explain.

Last night I was in a mall with two other people and we were trying to escape but there was a group of people posing as associates and mall workers who were after us. So we killed them, well I did specifically. How? you may ask?…by stabbing them in the head with a pencil….

Not only that but it took huge effort because the pencil kept breaking and wouldn’t work right so I was like smashing their heads and digging around to try and kill them, then right before I woke up I tried killing another one of the guys but the pencil was too flimsy and he was only pretending to be dead, I woke up trying to kill him more.

Gruesome as it may be, I had another dream with the same kind of premise not too long ago, only this time I was in my old apartment back in Indiana and I wasn’t killing another person I was killing a monster… with a pencil. And in this dream I drove the pencil into it’s chest and started swishing it around and all of a sudden I was stirring hamburger helper…Then I was back to killing, and I thought I was done, when I found another monster pretending to be dead, and I had to kill it too, but once again the pencil was too flimsy and I woke up trying to kill it.

Freud???? I’m calling out to the freudians out there, what the heck do these dreams mean? Do I sub-consiously look at my writing as my weapon of choice? Or is that too literal and obvious. Maybe I feel like I’m being attacked by something and all I have are flimsy worthless nothings to defend myself with? I don’t know, I’m just a little disturbed by it all. Pretty freakin weird.

Oh well



Hey Hey Hey how’s my favorite blog? Long time no see eh? check the new “newspaperish” lay-out.

Monday, January 3, 2005       THE MARLS WEEKLY            a1   

             Headline: Marlee survives 2004 and ends the year with a twist…
                                          (of a bottle cap) continued page a2

                                MARLES DAVIS WEEKLY UPDATE

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In more note- worthy news, Marles is s-       education, and wonder, W h e n
cheduled to make   an appearance t h i s      WILL she get her act to-gether?
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