I don’t mean to sound like a psychopath…but I had a really crazy dream last night, and I’m seeing the beginnings of a trend in my dreams. Let me explain.

Last night I was in a mall with two other people and we were trying to escape but there was a group of people posing as associates and mall workers who were after us. So we killed them, well I did specifically. How? you may ask?…by stabbing them in the head with a pencil….

Not only that but it took huge effort because the pencil kept breaking and wouldn’t work right so I was like smashing their heads and digging around to try and kill them, then right before I woke up I tried killing another one of the guys but the pencil was too flimsy and he was only pretending to be dead, I woke up trying to kill him more.

Gruesome as it may be, I had another dream with the same kind of premise not too long ago, only this time I was in my old apartment back in Indiana and I wasn’t killing another person I was killing a monster… with a pencil. And in this dream I drove the pencil into it’s chest and started swishing it around and all of a sudden I was stirring hamburger helper…Then I was back to killing, and I thought I was done, when I found another monster pretending to be dead, and I had to kill it too, but once again the pencil was too flimsy and I woke up trying to kill it.

Freud???? I’m calling out to the freudians out there, what the heck do these dreams mean? Do I sub-consiously look at my writing as my weapon of choice? Or is that too literal and obvious. Maybe I feel like I’m being attacked by something and all I have are flimsy worthless nothings to defend myself with? I don’t know, I’m just a little disturbed by it all. Pretty freakin weird.

Oh well



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  1. rinikiti

    Hrm. Maybe you just don’t like your pencils and you feel agression towards mechanical pencils because their lead always breaks. That’s how I feel sometimes. And you have to keep loading it up and. . oh anyway, the point being. I really think I want to live in Canada so I can write for this Exclaim magazine and join the underground music world of Montreal. YAY! Canada oh canada. . .hrm, I guess I better figure out the lyrics to their national anthem pretty soon.

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe you feel like some problem is haunting you and just when you think you’ve dealt with it, it comes back in some other form. I’ll get out my dreams book. Goody! I love this.   Next time you may want to try using the eraser end, and erase the monster/businesspeople away.   Maybe you hate big industry and prefer quaint little shops. You give the cute boutique your business and then another wal mart pops up. Perhaps you prefer a quaint pencil shop?


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