Monthly Archives: February 2005

I went and got chinese with my cousin and Autumn then Autumn and I went and saw hitch. The End.

Well actually, before I end…I would just like to send a shout out to all the lovers who let us bask in the glow of their love tonight as I frolicked with them around town. Even though once again cupid excluded me from the festivities at least I get to enjoy knowing other people are happily engaged.

Anyway Valentines day is just another excuse to let the people you love know that you love them. The absolute worst way to spend it is selfishly absorbed in how lonely you are.

Actually that’s balogny! Valentines Day is just another excuse for hallmark to earn a buck. Call me a synic or call me bitter or call me Fred I really don’t care.

As if I needed a reminder about how much I want someone, who decided it would be necessary to throw it in my face all day?

But I guess I knew it was coming I mean, really, did I expect anything different? I’ve been writing this entry for weeks, & I’m sure a thousand more are getting posted tonight just like it.

well you know what I always say “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have been hit by a bus.”

One Love


so it’s been quite the while eh? Lo Siento?
I wish I was creative enough to paint you a picture of how my life is with figuritive language and heavy laden sentance fragments. But that never was my style so get ready for a lot of description.

We’ll just start with tonight. Ryan and sharice came over to my house while I was prancing around wal mart. I don’t know Ryan and I’ve never met Sharice, well I didn’t and I hadn’t until tonight. I wasn’t all together there when I was entertaining them in my living room, but from the evidence I gathered, apparently my Bishop sent them on a reconnaissance mission. Apparently when I told him I wanted to switch wards because I didn’t have any friends in the one I was in, he thought it was necessary to not only let the cat out of the bag to fellow ward members but then to ask them to befriend me as a service project. “Just wanted to let you know WE CARE your 36th ward” that’s what the cute little artsy craftsy card said that Sharice makes me, I haven’t tried the two pieces of chocolate cake yet, but I’m betting they are delectable. WHO IN THE HECK MAKES THESE CHINTZY home made scrap book care cards?????

and where is the rest of the cake? (I have to entertain the assumption that it was probably left over cake from some ward activity or a birthday party, or better yet ANOTHER ward’s activity that they passed by and thought “hey let’s snatch three pieces of cake to take to her” and then only two made it)

K so I”m being a little harsh but COME ON. I don’t want to be a service project I don’t want fake people coming into my house throwing sugar and craft paper in my face. That’s the one problem I have with the church, people can be so CHEESY and FAKE. God didn’t ask us to make other people feel like service projects. Let’s show a little more tact in how we show that we care.

Perhaps you’re thinking I’m being a little harsh. I am, I shouldn’t be so angry and bitter, Ryan and Sharice are just doing there best and I applaud them for it. Bravo Bravo. You saved a soul.

Anyway in other news the NOTEBOOK is out on DVD….that’s just great

Well folks I’m spent that’s all I got.
rock the kasbah