so it’s been quite the while eh? Lo Siento?
I wish I was creative enough to paint you a picture of how my life is with figuritive language and heavy laden sentance fragments. But that never was my style so get ready for a lot of description.

We’ll just start with tonight. Ryan and sharice came over to my house while I was prancing around wal mart. I don’t know Ryan and I’ve never met Sharice, well I didn’t and I hadn’t until tonight. I wasn’t all together there when I was entertaining them in my living room, but from the evidence I gathered, apparently my Bishop sent them on a reconnaissance mission. Apparently when I told him I wanted to switch wards because I didn’t have any friends in the one I was in, he thought it was necessary to not only let the cat out of the bag to fellow ward members but then to ask them to befriend me as a service project. “Just wanted to let you know WE CARE your 36th ward” that’s what the cute little artsy craftsy card said that Sharice makes me, I haven’t tried the two pieces of chocolate cake yet, but I’m betting they are delectable. WHO IN THE HECK MAKES THESE CHINTZY home made scrap book care cards?????

and where is the rest of the cake? (I have to entertain the assumption that it was probably left over cake from some ward activity or a birthday party, or better yet ANOTHER ward’s activity that they passed by and thought “hey let’s snatch three pieces of cake to take to her” and then only two made it)

K so I”m being a little harsh but COME ON. I don’t want to be a service project I don’t want fake people coming into my house throwing sugar and craft paper in my face. That’s the one problem I have with the church, people can be so CHEESY and FAKE. God didn’t ask us to make other people feel like service projects. Let’s show a little more tact in how we show that we care.

Perhaps you’re thinking I’m being a little harsh. I am, I shouldn’t be so angry and bitter, Ryan and Sharice are just doing there best and I applaud them for it. Bravo Bravo. You saved a soul.

Anyway in other news the NOTEBOOK is out on DVD….that’s just great

Well folks I’m spent that’s all I got.
rock the kasbah


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  1. caspergeek

    Marlee, I know exactly how you feel. I felt like that when I lived in Paducah.I just hope whatever will help you become happier will happen.I had the weirdest dream the other day…you were in it. We were playing in a super market on these arcade games where you usually have to move the thing around and get a stuffed animal if you’re lucky. Except we were trying to win chicken. You got a huge chicken out of it, and so I tried getting rice out of the machine.No, I’m not high.<3 Autumn

  2. caspergeek

    Ah, you’re so kind to say my life sounds interesting.This is so strange, but after the escape thing I talked about everyone thought I was making out with Hamlet or something. Sad thing? It was all the kids from church that said it, but two methodists and a catholic took up for me. Church people make me sick. Seriously. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to maintain friends in my own branch/ward.Valentines Ideads…those are absolutely hilarious. I’m so going to do the cookie one..!<3 Autumn

  3. rinikiti

    Hrm? Brian. . that sounds like a guy. . Okay, so I’m just kind of a little bit desperate, seeing as tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I’d much rather do the greatly over rated tradition of doing something nice on V-day than the overly exagerated SAD day tradition of sitting at home watching a mushy lovey dove movie that ends tragically with a box of tissues to try and convince myself that, no, I don’t REALLY want to be in a relationship. However, if I were you, I’d hide those two pieces of cake before I accidently ended up adding them to my pity pile to eat during the mushy movie marathon.


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