I really hate to do this, but I feel obligated to expose truth I so painstakingly discover, and I can no longer carry the burden of being the only person in my small realm of association with this knowledge so without further adieu:

 life is not fair, it is rarely fun, it is more complicated than a rubics cube without a manual and if you think too much you will most assuredly think yourself into a drunken stupor. And you will, in fact, be left with nothing but your complicated thoughts to keep you warm at night.

those two paragraphs are all I could salvage from my memory. I had to rewrite them after a spasmatic attack on the keyboard erased my previous entry. The first rendition was more lengthy and heavily worded, and in my expert opinion, of the utmost quality, so unfortunately I’m forced to wallow in the bitterness of a masterpiece lost to a universe at the expense of a world that will be deprived of it’s brilliance and what good it could have done. Second rate will just have to do, again

basically what I’m trying to say is it’s all a cruel and twisted joke that someone is playing on us.


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