find a box and put MK inside…

so a lot can happen in two days…but really all it amounts to is a bunch of dumb little stories that would bore you.

Tonight I broke sonic. and I’ll prolly get fired, but I couldn’t possibly care less.

I went to books of yesterday for the first time, and it lived up to my expectations. I got a book for $1.06 and I gave the guy a dollar and a quarter and a penny…=.$1.27 insofacto he owes me twenty cents…but he didn’t give me any he accused me of lying and said that I’d given him a nickel and a penny. Which I admit was possible but not likely. Eitherway he gave me my twenty cents but then I just gave it back b/c I didn’t want him to think that I was the customer who always tried to scam them.

I went to preston idaho after the “immigrant soul” concert…I’ll just have to post pictures, words can’t describe the trouble we caused.

actually you know what I think I’m done. I’d just like to announce I bought the new beck cd. and I like it quite the bit. K keep the piece.



3 thoughts on “

  1. Bloodypaindeath

    You broke sonic?! What does that even mean?!
    Also, my parents went to Preston a couple weeks ago and let me tell you about the trouble THEY caused. Well, actually I think they just bought a keychain.

  2. Bloodypaindeath

    Haha, that was actually quite a funny comment there.Don’t worry, I’m not proud of saying I work maintenance at a golf course, but hey, the pay’s good, right?My parents got one of those “Vote for Pedro” keychains for my sister. I tell you, Preston is really milking that movie to death.


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