somebody’s got a case of the mondays….

I could re-hash to you all the traumatic and devistating events that happened upon me today/past week, but I won’t. Ok maybe a short list (In no particular order)…
-overdrew my account
-missed a quiz in my systems/issues class
-forgot to do assignment for creative arts
-almost single handedly was the cause of the creative arts final that we are going to be forced to take (I’m sorry I was one of the 21 who had to be told to quit playing pac man on my cell phone)
-ripped my favorite pair of jeans
-got in a fight with my cousin because I’m touchy and over sensitive and irrational
-convinced my mom I need professional help
-Got deathly ill (k only minorly ill)
-Got a wedding invite from this guy who I could have been interested in…thankfully I wasn’t but I could have been and he didn’t know that. and it re-established my singleness at any rate it was like valentines day again.
-GOT IN A CAR ACCIDENT*that one was today*
-Got a ticket for that car accident
-had to tell my dad about that car accident
-and to make me feel alll better inside I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow

K I just had to get that out.
You know, after all that, I’m doing pretty good, I mean look at me here smiling and laughing….

laughing and smiling…

I’m doing pretty good on a scale of one to ten. Because if things don’t get worse they can’t get better. So now I’m just going to sit back and relax and enjoy my ride up to the top b/c that is the only place to go from here. And I’m going to eat some pudding along the way.


6 thoughts on “

  1. Bloodypaindeath

    Wow, thats pretty harsh. I’m really sorry about all that. I know its not my fault or anything, but wow, sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I’m pretty sure I failed Creative Arts because I “forgot” to do some assignments. I’m really sorry though.

  2. caspergeek

    Oh gosh, that is the worse Monday I have ever heard. Pac man is worth a final though…I think anyway.Fortune cookie, “You will have happiness in matriomoney.” Silly huh?Autumn


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