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a drunk driver is dangerous…we all know that
but so is a drunk back seat driver if he’s persuasive.


Halfway Home:
so a little recap on my journies thus far.
I flew out of SLC at 7 saturday morning had an hour layover and a flight change in Las Vegas then a three hour flight to Indinapolis, where I am currently staying with my Dad.
I really don’t know how it feels. weird, it definitley is that. Sometimes I come back here and it feels like everything is changing, and then sometimes it feels like everything is just the way it was when I was 14. Maybe I just need to give it a couple more years and it will blow my mind how little I’ll find familiar.

To be honest the thing that scares me is the complacency Utah has lurred me into. I got used to knowing everyone was Mormon and pretty much had your standards and you could go out for a walk by yourself with little threat of harm or danger. I used to hate it because it felt so sheltered and I missed being out in the real world. Now I just want to feel safe again. I really need to shirk that, because I do not want to spend the rest of my life there.

Getting to be here really puts me in touch with where I come from, and I don’t necessarily like it…in fact I’m ready to forget about the past and move on to something new and exciting, but I guess it’s necessary every once in a while to take time out and reconnect with your roots. Keeps you fittin your britches.

In Las Vegas I met some interesting people waiting for the plane. I set next to an old fart who worked for Fed Ex and was going to indiana to see his daughter. He had on a cowboy hat and wranglers and was toting around a book on feng shui…I asked him about it and he explained the eastern philosophy to me. Then related about another book he was reading by a Christian theologian who had gone from non-believer to believer and I had my trusty copy of C. S. Lewis’  “Mere Christianity” (which if you’re familiar with you’ll know he has a similar story) in hand then we got to talking about how Christ learned about God and His mission. It was pretty interesting.

It’s interesting how much you can tell about a person just by the books they read. I think this guy was genuinely interested in these different subjects. Myself, of course, am just a big phony I read Noam Chomsky and David Sedaris only to look cool not because I comprehend most of it. I’m totally not the intellectual I proport myself to be, or aspire to be. I am however quite the actress so I can pull it off effortlessly. (Give me a fourth grade reading level novel any day and I’ll be so satisfied…yay harry potter)

When I got on the plane I met a girl who went to ewwypuey (IUPUI) and was studying psychology. She was reading Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s search for Meaning” and spent a good portion of a three hour flight explaining logotherapy to me.

I love flying, i love having conversations with random people you don’t even exchange names with. And I love seeing a familiar face waiting for you at the end.

My dad and I are going to the zoo tomorrow, and I’m going to get a carmel apple cider at starbucks. <– I don’t drink coffee but  I still have to make an appearance for “Intillectual street cred” you know how it goes. As for tonight I’m going to savor the scent of summer air wafting from the cornfields I frolicked in as a wee lass…haha, vomiting…no really I’m going to sleep a little more to intensify this sleep induced headache I acquired today by sleeping…all day.

keep it real
Marles Davis

I’m really sorry for my blatant disregard for punctuation and grammer.

Packing is my least favorite thing to do, besides unpacking. I don’t mind going places, I just hate all the fuss.

So instead I avoid it by wasting my time in any other possible way. Usually I come up with some sort of “project” that I need to get done that will sufficiently keep me away from my packing obligations and at the same time help me redefine myself. I like to kill two birds with one stone. Or one project.

When I moved out here it was a quilt…(don’t even ask I’m still a little ashamed, but let me re-assure you, I’ve never done it before and I won’t ever do it again). Now that I am moving back, all of a sudden (litterally I spent a day trying to come up with something to do) it hit me I needed a photo album, and I needed to compile all my guitar tabs into a neat little notebook.

So here I am a day and a half away from flying home and what have I accomplished? I put a bunch of pictures in a book and then got another book and put a bunch of guitar tabs in them. Forget laundry forget cleaning, wait no, I cleaned my car…but that doesn’t help me move home.

Last night everyone went over to watch a movie at Dave’s…and I passionately did not want to go…but it was either that or go home and stare at an empty suitcase. In fact even this entry is a type of putter offer. Wow I’m on a roll.

tomorrow i have to pack up my computer and mail it back home. It’s got some bogus viruses on it that my step dad is going to have to get off. ohp someone called me I can hear my voicemail beeping. Well I’m going to go check that, and call whoever it was back then do something else worthless tonight, just so I have the satisfaction of stressing myself out trying to get ready to leave by 4 am saturday morning.