Packing is my least favorite thing to do, besides unpacking. I don’t mind going places, I just hate all the fuss.

So instead I avoid it by wasting my time in any other possible way. Usually I come up with some sort of “project” that I need to get done that will sufficiently keep me away from my packing obligations and at the same time help me redefine myself. I like to kill two birds with one stone. Or one project.

When I moved out here it was a quilt…(don’t even ask I’m still a little ashamed, but let me re-assure you, I’ve never done it before and I won’t ever do it again). Now that I am moving back, all of a sudden (litterally I spent a day trying to come up with something to do) it hit me I needed a photo album, and I needed to compile all my guitar tabs into a neat little notebook.

So here I am a day and a half away from flying home and what have I accomplished? I put a bunch of pictures in a book and then got another book and put a bunch of guitar tabs in them. Forget laundry forget cleaning, wait no, I cleaned my car…but that doesn’t help me move home.

Last night everyone went over to watch a movie at Dave’s…and I passionately did not want to go…but it was either that or go home and stare at an empty suitcase. In fact even this entry is a type of putter offer. Wow I’m on a roll.

tomorrow i have to pack up my computer and mail it back home. It’s got some bogus viruses on it that my step dad is going to have to get off. ohp someone called me I can hear my voicemail beeping. Well I’m going to go check that, and call whoever it was back then do something else worthless tonight, just so I have the satisfaction of stressing myself out trying to get ready to leave by 4 am saturday morning.


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