Monthly Archives: July 2005

12 days left. I’m reading and loving, “A Seperate Peace”


so I told you it was coming…I had no idea it’s been two months…I’m sorry.
so camp right? That’s where I am. I only have three more weeks exactly
today. It’s definitley been crazy. I don’t even know where to begin.
I’ve been practicing my guitar a lot and larning a lot and going
different places I’ve tried to take a lot of pictures.

It’s been good to have my mind on something else for the past 5 weeks,
and I’m gathering myself up again and getting ready to go back to
Utah…we’ll see how that works out.

I have three co-counselors and 14, 10-11 year old girls. They are all
very unique and all very wealthy (it costs $10,000+ for them to come
here and most of them have sisters who are coming and they do it for 8
years) We’re talking famous people send there daughters here. It’s
insane this year we have a girl who’s dad plays professional
football…I don’t know what team…apparently he’s a big deal but I
don’t follow football so whatever.

we just finished 101 dalmatians and are now getting ready to do Annie
in the theater department. I’m learning a lot there as far as tech
stuff goes. I don’t know what else to say…I tried a lobster roll for
the first time…and lobster Ice cream I don’t recomend the latter.

UM I don’t know I don’t have any internet time left so  I have to get off. But it’s been real.  I MISS EVERYONE!!!