In the Statesman there was a letter to the editor and it went like this…

“In November, 2004 I was strolling through Logan’s Border’s Bookstore and noticed a very bold headline on the cover of that month’s National Geographic Magazine, ‘WAS DARWIN WRONG?’ The ongoing creationism/intelligent design vs. evolution debate was in full swing one year ago.  Intrigued, I opened the magazine wondering if a very big wrench was now being thrown into the debate by an incredibly reliable source.  Opening to the beginning of the article, I was met with even larger typeface declaring, ‘NO.  THE EVIDENCE FOR EVOLUTION IS OVERWHELMING.”

Tricky National Geographic. Tricky. That slays me.


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  1. caspergeek

    Yeah, those attention grabbers.What are you majoring in anyway?  I was always curious about that.Signing up for colleges is the biggest self-esteem hit in the world.Signing up for scholarships is a bigger hit than the previous.How did you survive?  SERIOUSLY.


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