Life is alright, it would be better if I had a boyfriend(s).
and if it would stop snowing. THAT would be great.
I’ve decided to start writing in here again. I’m abandoning myspace and livejournal for awhile instead.

I want to buy the following cds
Jeff Buckley – the one that I like and know
Rufus Wainwright – one
Beth Orton – the one I listened to at borders the other day, I think it was like comforting strangers, I don’t know.

I saw my roommate sitting on opposing couches in the passion pit yesterday with her date, and they were just chilling and talking, and GALL watching that, knowing I was in for a long boring midnight shift at work, made my insides feel like hell. I wanted to cry, so I did cry. Only for about seven minutes though, but then I hurt for like three hours until I was just too tired to tihnk about anything.

I acknowledge my typo in the last paragraph but I like it so it stays.

I go home to KY in 3 days *Wednesday*. Then I’ll go pick up my brother from his mission deal, then I’ll hang out with the fam. OH and I have an appointment to get a haircut THURSDAY that’s super exciting. I’m not going to go all trendy though. Just some Marla bangs, nothing too cool.

If you could meet someone who is dead, who would it be and at what point in there life would you like to meet them?

K if it were me, I would like to meet C.S. Lewis…around the time that him and J.R.R. Tolkein were friends, b/c I have some questions that I would like to ask them, about their feelings on Christianity, AND some literary elements and how to incorporate “inevitability” into a story, b/c I dont’ get how anything is inevitable, and how it can be a mark of good writing if it seems like such a simple concept.

Anyway Love to all. and Peace
Marles Davis


4 thoughts on “

  1. MYvolition

    Ah, boyfriends don’t fix everything…they just make you learn about yourself, good and bad.I would want to meet Albert Einstein at the stage of his life when everyone thought he was a loser that couldn’t finish school.It’s sad, my cousin is 28 too.  Whata bum.I started a book last summer, it’s really weird though.  I always preferred your writing though, you’re really witty.

  2. Bloodypaindeath

    Yeah, single life is no fun sometimes. Especially when all of your friends are dating. It makes for difficult hang-outs.P.S. I am listening to Miles Davis as I type this 😮

  3. Bloodypaindeath

    Haha, I am always glad to find out that I have had a positive effect on someone. Obscure music knowledge always seems to be a key factor in those situations.I’m in a World History to 1500 class. Today we learned about Feudal Japan and that was really awesome.I checked out Madeline Peyroux at your recommendation and I would just like to thank you very much because she’s fantastic.


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