Monthly Archives: May 2006

The summer is here. I always knew it would come, but there was a lengthy stretch of days when I could only wonder what it would feel like. I couldn’t imagine how good it would feel.

Suddenly I’m enveloped in the arms of the sun the shade the breeze and the snow cones and I don’t waste a second of it thinking about how miserable I was one day in March when it tricked us and snowed again.

It’s as if the winter never even happened. I’m living like this is how it’s always been and always will be. Maybe I take it for granted.

It’s not a huge discrepancy. Summer will come every year I suppose, but I hope I don’t approach every good thing with that attitude of negligence.

I wonder that there are a lot of things in my life that at one point roused a fierce gratitude in me. But as time moved on, I became less aware of how much those things blessed me, and consequently my gratitude faded and I sought after other things.

I have to go, more later.