Monthly Archives: November 2006

Are you an eclectic liver?

Definition: To live eclectically by consciously pursuing a variety of new and different experiences.
antonym-me staying here for the rest of my life
synonym- pretty much anything else.

Ok, here is what I’m talking about. There is a HUGE part of me that needs the security of stability and close meaningful relationships. Then there is this completely other side of me that needs to live my life free of attachment and dependancy.

Who do I succumb to? Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde? And which is Jekyll and which is Hyde.

FACT, I am my mother’s daughter
FACT, I feel stuck and stifled
FACT, Tomorrow is free coke product wednesday at firehouse.

When I switched schools in elementary I tried hard to fit in. I made friends, but there was always this stigma of being, “The New Girl” I’ve played the role a lot. People are fascinated at first but the intial charm wears off and usually I have a hard time convincing people it doesn’t matter that we haven’t been friends since we started kindergarten.

FACT, I have a good idea what my next move will be.

It’s a blessing and a curse. I either feel like an outsider, or I feel totally independant and capable to act on my own.


It’s late november and warm.

This is what I did today at work. The only mediums I had were my imagination and microsoft paint. I especially like the bluebird in the upper left portion of the tree.

Obsessively obsessive

I have developed a new obsessive compulsive habit when I’m at work, I check my facebook a thousand times, I don’t even expect to find anything new I just keep checking.

What else do people check obsessively?
-the air in their tires
-bank accounts
-the oven
-the sales rack
-teeth after they eat
-coats, hats and umbrellas
-pantry? ok that’s a stretch.