Obsessively obsessive

I have developed a new obsessive compulsive habit when I’m at work, I check my facebook a thousand times, I don’t even expect to find anything new I just keep checking.

What else do people check obsessively?
-the air in their tires
-bank accounts
-the oven
-the sales rack
-teeth after they eat
-coats, hats and umbrellas
-pantry? ok that’s a stretch.


3 thoughts on “Obsessively obsessive

  1. Bloodypaindeath

    I am pretty OCD about checking my e-mail. I never get e-mails. I just feel the need to check a thousand times a day. And nobody ever writes me messages on Facebook because my friends are jerks and they hate me.I also check the fridge constantly. In case someone is stealing food. Or something.

  2. MYvolition

    I talked to your Mom a lot the other day, and I always stop by to say hi to her when I’m in the mall.  I like your Mom.
    Everyone checks facebook obsessively.  It’s bad for me.Thanks for the compliment on the list thing.


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