…I wrote a poem.

A million people have your backside.
    I see you everywhere I’d go.
I would love to tell you about my latest idea
       I kept trying to recreate this one perfect time,
Then I decided to not think in absolutes-
& enjoy being wherever I am.
It’s funny though, memories are so untouchable-
       Inherently impossible to recreate.
I wonder what you would think about it.
          I really think it’s an idea you’d like.
OH! I found this great new singer.
    she has a really eclectic voice,
             & clever lyrics.
    I’ve kept her my little secret
I like to listen to her whenever I feel
…a little too much like everything else.
Is it weird to you I think about you so much?
My brother lives here now & he’s my closest friend.
He makes me notice you not being around less
       To be honest, I’m not sure you’d get along.
    You’d probably think he was dumb or close minded
  & he’d probably think you were queer, no offense.
I’ve seen a couple good movies, got a new job
    I painted this picture it turned out better than I’d expected.
 I’m learning to cook and I’m also learning to play the cello
          but I’d bet you write that off as me trying too hard, like the time I thought it’d be cool to be Clementine for halloween.
    I’ve given a lot of time over to thinking
about the problems you shared with me.
    The contradictions you couldn’t make
sense of it, & understand the doubts that plagued your mind.
    I didn’t know what to say!
I’d never come accross these things,
     I’ve never been this way before.
You were all new to me.
    and I Knooow EVERYONE has tried EVERYTHING
to help you.
    But there are just two things I want to tell you.
1st. If you’re not getting answers, ask better questions ( I heard that in a song)
2nd. If there is a God, how would you propose he introduce himself to you?
And for his sake be honest, we’re both so unhappy if there is no meaning.


3 thoughts on “…I wrote a poem.

  1. MYvolition

    This is a pretty poem you wrote, and I hope it works out for your friend and you (that I am assuming you have some romantic interests in?)No, he is a guy that is almost my parent’s age who is thin, makes cheesy jokes, and is white headed. Although, if I had met him like 30 years ago he might have been attractive to me. Who knows?

  2. Bloodypaindeath

    I imagine that God makes a heavy metal entrance with a lick of harmonically inclined cherub voicesCrashes through your big screen teevee with white wings BLAZING sunshine and his axe gleaming like JUSTICEHot fire licks off his brow and he screeeeams in harmonic minor like the eagle of perfect beautyAnd you will know when he arriveshaha oh jeeze i have to draw something now

  3. rinikiti

    I hate when you just can’t get through to people. It’s… frustrating and makes me want to go eat glass, except that would be a lot of painful and a little help. Eh. Oh well.


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