Monthly Archives: May 2007

Don’t be suprised if I post this to facebook.

I got in bed way early tonight…then I couldn’t fall asleep.

it’s good not to throw out labels on people, I don’t know if i’ve said this before but, it oversimplifies a complex conglomeration of an individual’s thought, experience, and personality. At the same time, labels help us process and make sense of things. So, I guess maybe I just don’t want to be too liberal with them.

Also there is this part in my favorite book where the mom is telling her daughter that when SHE was in college she wanted to go to paris and write a novel, and her daughter thinks that’s so cool, but the mom says that “EVERYONE in my college generation wanted to go to paris and write a novel.”

Everyone in my college generation wants to save Africa, And everyone who was in the college generation before me listened to Dave Matthew’s Band.

I remember in High School I saw myself as the misplaced surfer. I felt like I should have been born by the beach instead of by the cornfield. I really identified with a laid back attitude and flip flops and a raw-foods diet. I even worked at Pacsun for street cred. Looking back now, however, I really think that was more just what some unknown force was pushing as cool at the time, than it was me. This has left me wondering – how much of what we dream is really of our making, and how much is just the result of well-placed product ads? And isn’t it strange how everyone suddenly became so incredibly indie, seemingly overnight?

Someday I want to be at the top – marketing the new idea of cool. I could be that person who decides that the next generation of college students are all going to wear their ball-caps backwards and be really into musical theater, I would definitely bring back animal prints like never before too.

I guess that is my dream of world domination. I just want you to know about it in case some day those things are what the general population are defining themselves by, you’ll know who is behind it all, and you know I’ll be laughing inside a very large castle somewhere no one will ever find me.

I wish sleep would find me.