Old poetry I found on my PC.

These used to be songs I wrote, but I can’t remember the music. I’m not trying to be emo, I really forgot the chords I played to them…

we forgot to turn out the lights!
somebody told us,
“man you gotta get here quick
you’re not gonna want to miss this
it’s the end of the world

Everyone is runnin’ around
all of the buildings are burning down
modern man’s accomplishments
are being thrown to the ground!”
and wouldn’t you know we were late
we missed the world vs fate
I guess it doesn’t matter now
the light’s are out anyhow
what difference does it make
I’m gonna go smoke me a joint. To celebrate
I’ll get  a light from the man in flames

And I’m kneeling at an alter worshipping a love that couldn’t save
and I’m still paying homage to what it was I thought we were
and I’m pilgraming to all the sacred places

 where I find bits and traces of you

I try to force a smile while I’m cleaning up this wreck
just in case as you walk away you turn around to check
to make sure your love had an affect
but I can’t let you know you had an affect

so what I loved you
I had to try

You only feel ashamed
of the truth that you deny

so I met someone new
and for all our talking we’re never saying anything
and we’re always running but we’re never getting anywhere
and our eyes meet and we turn away because we’re so scared

and you’ve heard stories
where the boy came back
and you never know it might be your story so you keep waiting for him to come back

but you gotta let go
of your closest call, your only claim
and you gotta let go
of the love you already gave
and you gotta let go


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