Don’t label people, do label songs on your playlist.

Ok, I’m giving up on secret languages for good now. The last time I tried it was in the fourth grade with my “best” friend Laramie, then she turned on me and handed over all the codes and translations to our teacher, Mrs. Eaton, and pinned the whole thing on me. Unfortunately we’d made up a phrase for “I hate Mrs. Eaton” so that didn’t go over too well.

Today we went antiquing with my relatives. I seriously doubted the structural integrity of the building we were in. I’m pretty sure it’s an antique in and of itself. It was like extreme antiquing. Antiquing at the risk of sudden death from falling through a rotted second floor. My mom found a book of cures from the thirties. There were cures for nausea, bad eyesight and insanity. That could come in handy. My cousin found a book copyright 1956 on beauty and grooming the first chapter was titled, “The teenage years, a time for…beauty”.   (ellipses in actual text)

Then my step dad made tacos, and now my hair smells like a Mexican Restaurant.

Whenever I start to feel un-cool there are things I like to do. Paint something, sew something, write something. Also, I like to play guitar, or turn on my itunes shuffle. I like to let my creativity or my music remind me that I’m ok. (I’m ok you’re ok). The problem is with itunes shuffle these days.

I hate itunes shuffle.  For starters, I have way too much elliot smith and imogen heap in my music library. I put them on there two years ago to see if i liked them and I don’t think I do. Second of all it always goes to everything I don’t want to listen to. But I don’t know what I WANT to listen to. I only know when I hear something whether or not I want to continue to hear it, and here lately with the shuffle on, I don’t. It plays a good song, maybe one in every 15. But I can’t delete the bad ones because, maybe someday I’ll be in the mood for it. Look I’ll prove it I’m going to start my shuffle now

-Track 08 Gabes Mix…not sure about the artist.
-Mogwai I know you are but what am I
-Track 01 Various Artists Guitar hymns
-The Shins One by one all day
– John Mayer St. Patricks Day
-Mogwai Tree of Life
-Curisve Nonsense
oh my gosh does that not just make you want to jump off of something and knock yourself out?

I wish they had a show like what not to wear only for your music library instead of your wardrobe. Someone just came in, deleted all of your exsisting library and gave you $5000 to spend on the itunes store. Stacey and Clinton would put my library in the 360 mirror and critisize me about how I don’t have anything labled. What am I listening to now? Track 3.


3 thoughts on “Don’t label people, do label songs on your playlist.

  1. MYvolition

    Go to You aren’t downloading music, but you can check out a lot of stuff and look at the bands they recommend. I like it a lot and I didn’t really hear about it until like a year ago.If you like those bands you may like Frank Turner, Mates of State, Appleseed Cast, and Of Montreal.I don’t know if you’ve heard of them or not, but I like it.

  2. Bloodypaindeath

    I’m having a similar issue with my shuffle right now. Occasionally I delete and restock the library but it only holds out for so long. Also if I am in the car with somebody and I have absolutely no idea what horrible French electronica/gangster rap song will play next. I just tell them that I am not defined by the music I listen to.Did you hear Kings got canceled? I don’t really know if I was way excited about the show but I have watched every episode so far. TV is a tricky thing these days.


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