Before I ran spell check I said “Horrorscopes”

There should be a branch of research dedicated to finding the cure for indecisiveness. I can’t do everything, I can’t be everywhere at once. I can’t make people make up my mind for me. Believe me I’ve tried. I mean I don’t know what I’m worried about, I’ve fared well already with the choices I’ve made.

I just don’t have enough knowledge. I remember learning about that in economics. Informed consumers have the capacity to make choices the uninformed don’t. There’s so much I don’t know like…

-who are the Jonas brothers?
-Is my brother’s birthday the 17th the 18th or the 19th of January?
-What’s in hot dogs? (Please don’t tell me)

Also from that economics class I took, I learned about opportunity costs. Usually as more knowledge is gained options begin to depreciate or appreciate which enables you to eliminate some options without a heavy heart. For instance once I realize that they cast such and such bad actor/actress in “New Hip Film”. It’s worth to me goes down, and I’m able to opt to see “Other Film”, which is probably fast and the furious, with out any second thoughts or feelings of regret. Until Paul Walker slaughters his first line then I realize, I’ve made a horrible, horrible error.

Unfortunately for me, every option just keeps looking better every day which makes me feel worse and worse
about not choosing them.

I’m getting desperate, soon I’ll order a monthly subscription to “Seventeen” magazine and start living my life by the horoscopes. Next month I will feel sad and discouraged and should turn to my best girlfriends for support and advice, and beware the new moon, an old fling may show up unexpectedly and wreck my car.

Actually, I just made that up. But you know that’s basically what it will say.

A chinese run should clear this all up, fortune cookie never errors


2 thoughts on “Before I ran spell check I said “Horrorscopes”

  1. MarleeRocker

    yeah that’s exactly what an opportunity cost is. Point is usually the costs vary in range. For instance, I’m ok with buying the new tv and not being able to buy the new car, because I already have a car that I love and want to keep


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