In your head zoooombie.

Tonight I made dinner for my brother and I and took it over to his place because he has cable. I was watching The Devil Wears Prada and reading Tess of D’Urberville during the commercial breaks.

“In the ill-judged execution of the well-judged plan of things the call seldom produces the comer, the man to love rarely coincides with the hour for loving. Nature does not often say ‘See!’ to her poor creature at a time when seeing can lead to happy doing; or reply ‘Here!’ to a body’s cry of ‘Where?’ till the hide-and-seek has become an irksome, outworn game…it was not the two halves of a perfect whole that confronted each other at the perfect moment; a missing counterpart wandered independently about the earth waiting in crass obtuseness till the late time came. Out of which maladroit delay sprang anxieties, disappointments, shocks, catastrophes, and passing-strange destinies.”

Then it’s back to Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway and the guy from Drive Me Crazy. My favorite part of this movie is Meryl Streep in the Limo with Anne Hathaway when Streep says, “Everyone wants to be us.” She delivers the line so flawlessly, you feel and know simultaneously that what she is saying is so tragically and unfortunately true. It seems to encapsulate a life’s endeavor to live an image and it’s success to live it so well that anything real or good or worthwhile is obliterated and obsolete.

Meanwhile the glare on the TV creates the illusion that my cell phone, waiting patiently on my lap, is lighting up to alert me of an incoming call. I ardently look to see who it is, but alas in vain.

Thor licked the back of my head-“Rick I think Thor needs to go out.” I shouted. You know what’s funny watched pots never boil and watched phones never ring. As soon as the door shut behind my brother and his dog, I was free to talk out loud to myself (as I am wont to do). “This really sucks.” I said matter of factly. “What sucks?” I heard faintly in the distance.

It was my brother’s friend who was online chatting with him. The microphone had picked up my despair and I was suddenly being talked back to. “The movie” I hollered back. Then Ryan said something inaudible and I reverted to keeping my thoughts to myself.

This has all got me thinking how much cooler of a friend God would be if he just talked back every once in a while. I mean, everyone else interrupts me when I talk incessantly. Or maybe I need to move to a smart house, or live on board the U.S.S. enterprise “Computer… when you’re done fickeling around calculating warp speed could you tell me why I feel this way?”

In other news I am officially tired of movies/tv shows about fashion magazines.


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