We are cups constantly and quietly being filled…

Did you know that the Glory of God is intellilgence and the glory of a woman is her hair?

That’s the Bible for you. Sometimes I wonder why I even try.

We watched part of a documentary in class today about 6 women who survived Nazi concentration camps. They were teenage girls at the time and my teacher insightfully remarks that there are few creatures so vivacious and fiesty and capable of survival through inclimate circumstance as teenage girls.
One woman darkly laughs at how, towards the end of her “stay” in Auschwitz, she was visited by the notorious doctor Josef Mengele, who after checking her throat told her that if she survived somehow she should get her tonsels removed. She had thought it was funny that, given her situation, he would make such an ironic statement.

You have to ask yourself where did that response come from? The way she talked about it, I imagined her, what was left of her, walking back into the barracks and finding her fellow victim girl friends and telling them what a funny thing had just been told her, and the 3 or 4 of them having a good laugh about it.

I read a short bio of Elie Wiesel once, where he was quoted saying that love was the only adequate response to evil. Of him it was said that the uncomprehensible horror he had witnessed and experienced did not ruin his spirit, the way war can do, but instead had nurtured a profound and deep understanding and love of humanity.
In contrast we have plenty examples, not worth mentioning, of people who once exposed to the worst of human nature, take it and run with it making their own terrible mark on history and the future. 
Another woman on the documentary today said she did not want to glorify the past and paint a picture of super men and super women, “but we tried, we always tried.”
What makes the differnce I think is what you invest in a person in the first place. 
“A glass can only spill what it contains”

-Abraham Lincoln.

2 thoughts on “We are cups constantly and quietly being filled…

  1. Bloodypaindeath

    I had to read Night like 7 times in grade school so it kills me that I remember so very little of it. It’s always a bizarre practice in self-awareness to think about how we glorify some of these people and make them seem like something other than humans. In reality, each one possesses their own thoughts, habits, vices, sense of humor, etc. I think it’s pretty humbling. Here, here.


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