willful ambiguity

“The changing and variable interpretations given to any particular color at any particular time or place exemplify a final characteristic of much Islamic art: its willful ambiguity. Because there is no clergy in Islam to prescribe or maintain any given meaning for any particular symbol or theme, there was much more latitude for the viewer to interpret it at will.”

I read this today in my assigned reading for Islamic Civ. Coincidence? What does it mean?

One thought on “willful ambiguity

  1. Bloodypaindeath

    I have been reading Descartes and he describes something similar to your “scientific method” approach. I highly suggest you read it if you have not. The coincidence for me is that I have been slightly obsessed with it for a while and this is the first time I can actually mention it in relevant fashion outside of my own personal musings. Pretty sweet, huh?


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