1. Suite 3 in C allemande – Bach (Cello Suites)
2. Complicated- Avril Levigne
3. Campaign Button –Fionn Regan
4. Danse (Tarantelle Styrienne) – Claude Debussy
5. Hanging By a Thread – Nickel Creek
6. If it were up to me – Rooney
7. A Journey in the Dark – Howard Shore (Lord of the Rings)
8. Christmas – Leona Naess
9. Empty Apartments – Yellowcard
10. Red Red Red – Fiona Apple
11. Jellybones – The Unicorns
12. My Poor Brain – Foo Fighters
13. One Evening – Feist
14. Homecoming King – Guster
15. Fine Dining – Jason Mraz

I think you could look at this list and get a very insightful and accurate idea of who I am. For instance. 

1. I took cello lessons and had to quit so I could go on a mission but I love the Prelude to the first cello suite hence I bought this cd. 
2.My brother and I love avril levigne. He loved her I loved her music. Now we like to sing out loud to her in the car
3.This actually doesn’t say much about me, I just bought this album.
4. I listen to NPR because I like to get news from an unbiased reliable source, I also like talk radio and Jazz Sundays, recently they had a Debussy hour, and I liked it a lot.
5. Nickel Creek was the last concert I went to before my mission, I grew up in the midwest so bluegrass is part of my culture from there. Plus they are just three of the most talented musicians around, they’ve never done anything I didn’t like.
6. I used to think I was a misplaced beach bumb. From like 7th grade on up, I worked at Pac Sun, and my email address was surfergirl_246@hotmail.com. I therefore identified with this type of music.
7. Just love the Lord of the Rings, I cried for hours after I read the appendices at the end of Return of the King. I cried because it was over and there was no more adventure to be had. It broke my heart that the fellowship didn’t stay together forever the way that I feel like friends should.
8. I heard her shopping at a trendy store in salt lake. I like style, but I don’t worship it. I actually disrespect people who buy clothes at this particular store just because it’s so expensive. I feel like those people are overly concerned with image and are probably overcompensating for lack of substance.
9. A little piece of history. I heard about thsi cd when I was on a cruise with my cousin. We made a couple of really good friends on that trip, Nic and Brad. Nic told me about them, I went home and bought the cd straightway and listened to it over and over and over again. I still like it. I still miss them. That was the best vacation.
10. I associate Fiona Apple with Lisa Loeb, who was my inspiration for wanting to learn the guitar. I saw a girl play Stay for a talent show when I was in middle school and I knew then and there that is what I wanted to learn how to play.
11. This is evidence of my attempts to be unique by my music and define myself by my music, and more for the idea than for the reality. I actually bought this cd a long time ago, thinking cool an artist I’ve never found on someones list of favorites, and they are associated with one of my favorite childhood fantasy creatures (You should have seen all my glass unicorns I collected from flea markets and lisa frank notebooks) Unfortunately the money I spent was a waste, I don’t like the album. Which seems poetically just since I was being a hypocrite and doing exactly what I resent other people for doing.
12. I used to be in plays and one time me and andrew were a firetruck in Pinnochio II. We’d sit on stage behind our cardboard cut out and sing “Everlong” until the lights came up.
13…also a new album doesn’t say anything about me, but I like her a lot.
14. My stepbrother is on the Guster street team. Do bands still do that? Anyway one Christmas when I was working at the mall (Pac Sun) The song careful came on all the time. Drew finally told me who sang it. Later on in life my roommate Lil would play this song on the guitar and I would harmonize. So I have a step family…
15. This is by far the most identifying track. First of all it’s underground Mraz that isn’t on any of his released albums. It’s more true to his old acoustic sound that I loved so much. SECONDLY if you know me you have to understand that Jason Mraz’s music at a time “save[d my] mortal soul” I started listening when I was a junior in high school (7 years ago). I felt like a big fish in a small pond and I was lonely lonely lonely. I listened to his music and it was like he articulated everything I thought and felt or wanted to be or get out of life. For the first time my existance was validated because somewhere out there, there was someone just like me.  He was my first true love. Now of course things have changed, I still haven’t even bothered to buy the new album. I probably won’t, I don’t like it.



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