My goal in life is to be as inconspicuous as possible. I will do anything to avoid fame or recognition. I just don’t like the idea of people hearing my name and it recalling bad first/second/third impressions they had of me.

I don’t have anything to be ashamed of but a lot to be embarrassed about. It’s just sometimes, when I’m in the act of doing something, I can never be sure if down the road I’m going to look back in regret. So I’ve developed a series of short answer questions I can ask myself in the moment, preventative measures if you will:

1. Do I REALLY want him to have this in writing?
2. Are we going to be eating something that will stain?
3. Am I talking to someone named Ashley or Jessica?
4. “Is everyone decent?” (shouted into a room before entering)
5. Is this going to give me stomach problems?
6. Is anyone watching?
7. Is this really a good place to change clothes?
8. Am I in the right class?
9. Is there a light switch on the wall I’m about to lean on?
10. How is the traction on my shoes?
11. Can I really walk this fast on ice?


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