Monthly Archives: September 2009

Mr. 152 insights into my soul

I watched the counter indicator at the bottom of my blog. For weeks it sat at 22 and suddenly today it’s 23, who are you? 

I had a dream and I’m going to tell you about it. 
I was at a party with my friend’s husband and he was being extremely unattentive, and I just couldn’t figure out why. Finally, I realized it was because he wasn’t my date, he was married and this other guy was my date. So me and “other guy” exit said party and are walking along arm and arm when he tells me, and I kid you not, “So I’ve been reading your blog and I really love the things you write.” I felt flattered and wanted to tell him what I liked about his internet persona, “I really like the articles you post.”

Then I woke up. It was a really good dream. 

Frank: What about you? Is there someone else?
Kathleen Kelly: No. No, but…but there’s the dream of someone else.