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Oh, go on and kiss me already.

The Blue Bird is a magical place.
I don’t care how pathetic our side salads are.

This Friday I had an incredible experience that involves me a series of coincidences, a good kiss (you have to read to find out about it) and another coincidence.

I had three tables all night. The first a family of four, the second a woman and two Sister Missionaries and the third a birthday party for a woman turning 80-something (it was a table of 17).

I was asking the sisters about where they were from and mentioned I had just returned from a mission (I use the word ‘just’ liberally). I immediately regretted bringing it up because I always feel like I’m being pretentious or insensitive. They naturally asked where I served and when I said Russia, the woman gasped slightly and asked where in Russia. When I told her Rostov she started to choke up and told me that her son just got called to that mission.

Cool huh? Of all the places she could have gone, the nights I wasn’t working the sections she could have been sat in. She had just randomly seen these sisters, thought they might be having a tough day and invited them to have dinner on her tab. She said it meant that God does in fact know and love us.

Well, the story does not end there. You might want to sit down for this.

No sooner had we established this connection when the mother from the family of four interrupted, “Did I hear you say Rostov Russia?” As it so happens their son and daughter were adopted from Rostov Russia. Shakti to be exact. Now every person in the entire room was somehow connected to one of the most important places in the world to me.

Well, the story does not end there.

Not long after this discovery the party of 17 showed up. The first two tables insisted on taking a picture with me and had to steal me away while I was taking orders. The party demanded to know why their waitress was being taken from them and the woman whose son is going to Rostov told them all the story. In retrospect I love how quickly what was significant to a few of us quickly became appreciated by all and became the grounds for the most sentimental, “gag me with a spoon and bury me alive in hallmark cards” bonding I’ve witnessed in 23 years of breathing.

The first two tables left. The cooks overcooked the steak of one of the party members. His name was Cleon, I worked with him at Macy’s. He is 80% deaf and one of my favorite senior citizens. I brought him a bloodier steak and he asked me if I wanted a kiss. “What the hell?” I thought. I could use a good kiss. And he planted a big fat one. Right on my cheek.

But this story isn’t about kisses or steak or Cleon even. The title was just an attempt to generate some interest.

I like to write “Thanks!” at the top of the receipts. I don’t know what I’m thanking people for, I might as well just write, “please tip me well. Pretty please?” it means essentially the same thing. Anyway, sometimes I interchange it with Gracias or спасибо if the customer has found out I went to Russia. So I did a good mix of all three when I passed out the checks to the birthday party.

Then I went to roll silverware. The end.
Psyche! Not the end. Not just yet.

So – I’m rolling silverware when one man from the party approaches me and says, “Hey, you know that the girl you work with is Russian right?” I just looked at him confused. The girl who was training to be the new cashier got one of those receipts with спасибо on it, and turns out she’s from Russia.

Not only is Julia from Russia, she’s from Stavrapol. Which, as you’ve probably guessed is a city in my mission.

This is a miracle to me, a native speaker who I feel really comfortable talking to. It’s exactly what I’ve needed.

I’m going to write a book about how people who complain about working in the food industry are bogus. I love my job. It’s kind of a like a good friendship, I had no idea how much joy I was missing out on before I got it.

and a Jason Mraz quote:

“If I can leave you with anything new to learn from this rampaged random page of randomness, it’s that I beg you to pay attention to coincidences. People who appear in your life for the simplest of reasons usually offer us the best clues on what to do with our lives. Those connections make up the music of today, remind us of our youth, and keep us believing that the truth is out there and that happiness may be just around the next corner of the roller rink.”

and an “Abraham Lincoln” quote:
“whether or not it is clear to you, the universe is unfolding as it should”