Monthly Archives: May 2010

It wasn’t until the stewardess brought me my tomato juice that I realized…

…I forgot to pack my ruby red slippers

Just yesterday, I was out in the rain biking with a friend telling him all sorts of nonsense.
I distinctly remember saying ridiculous things like:

“Who needs to go anywhere when there are so many things to experience right where you are! Like this tree for instance!” (we were perched in my favorite climbing tree in all of Logan)


“I don’t need to travel anywhere the rest of my life. I just want to be home.” (which, coming from me doesn’t mean a whole lot since I can’t settle on where I say home is for me.)

and (my personal favorite)

“People who have to travel to the opposite side of the world to find themselves are funny, how did they get lost all the way over there in the first place?”

He asked what I meant by “funny” I lied. I told him I meant exactly what I said.

What I really meant was “caught – up” or “trendy” or “typical” and “modern” But when he asked me, I remembered that I’m trying to be less judgmental. So in a millisecond I made up my mind to really mean funny and not all that other stuff.

For what it’s worth, aside from the part where I  vacillated back and forth between different meanings of the word funny, I said what I meant and I meant what i said.

The last time I went off tromping around the globe, I came home and everything had changed. Really important things happened to people who are really important to me and I wasn’t there. Sure, now that I am home again, I’m getting to be there for the important things, but the sacrifice I made to be away and the loss I feel is still real. And while I’m not entirely opposed to the idea, I don’t have any burning need to venture out into the world again. I am really and truly happy where I am and there is plenty to occupy my mind and satisfy my curiosity right here.

Nevertheless, I was speaking nonsense- I just went to California, I’m in New Mexico, in a few weeks I’ll be in Oregon, then after that I’m going back to Russia for two months. And as it so happens, somehow little pieces of me are turning up in all these places.