Forgot to post the picture of the ship. Xanga doesn’t allow for very high quality uploads but, in person this picture is really impressive…well, so I’ve heard.

Nosebleed section. Litterally, the guys in the box over got in a bar brawl during the overture of Swan Lake. Just kidding. Not kidding. kidding.

Michaelovsky Theater. Love the pin-hole function on my camera.


For Tracy.

For Annie.



2 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. oneup

    Oh man! This post just made me happy on so many levels. Before I even got to the description of your birthday cake adventure, I thought “Another birthday in Russia. Ahhh…Prague” and then I rehearsed the whole scene in my head. And then I read your version and started laughing because it fit mine only with you describing yourself and not me describing you.And then, I scroll through the pictures, and there’s a bear. A BEAR! I kinda wanna tell Brat Smith. A BEAR! Wow, I’m happy. Thanks.

  2. aewall

    Is that a little BEAR?!?!?! I don’t know if that Annie is to me or someone else but I’m gonna take it to mean me just because that made my day at an otherwise boring work hour. heart. happy late birthday. love Russia…I’m loving it through you.


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