“ok, THIS is how it works…

…You’re young until you’re not,
You love until you don’t
You try until you can’t”

and everyone has to keep breathing until their dying breath.

“I remember how, at Cambridge, I walked with her once in the Fellows’ Garden of Trinity, on an evening of rainy May; … And when we stood at length and parted amid that columnar circuit of the forest trees, beneath the last twilight of starless skies, I seemed to be gazing, like Titus at Jerusalem, on vacant seats and empty halls—on a sanctuary with no Presence to hallow it, and heaven left lonely of a God.”


“O The Man in the Moon has a crick in his back;
                       Ain’t you sorry for him?

And a mole on his nose that is purple and black;
and his eyes are so weak that they water and run
If he dares to dream even he looks at the sun, –
So he jes dreams of stars, as the doctors advise-

                   But isn’t he wise –

To jes dream of stars, as the doctors advise?”


“All listlessly we float
Out seaward in the boat
That beareth Love.
Our sails of purest snow
Bend to the blue below
   And to the blue above
     Where shall we land?”


“The female that loves unrequited sleeps
and the male that loves unrequited sleeps
The head of the money maker that plotted all day sleeps
The enraged and the treacherous dispositions – all, all sleep.”

Special thanks this week to Walt Whitman, James Whitcomb Riley, Regina Spektor, Fredrick Meyers…oh, and Denise Austin!





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